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Kneewell® helps knee contracture patients recover faster, reduce pain and regain extension, with at-home Static Progressive Stretch therapy.

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New to Kneewell? Learn how the Kneewell device helps knee surgery patients recover faster, reduce pain and increase range of motion.
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You can learn to Kneewell! See our quick start video and user guide to learn how to setup, adjust, put on and take off Kneewell and more.
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Kneewell helps providers and patients. Learn more about the Kneewell Provider Network of Surgeons, Physical Therapists and Clinics.
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Static Progressive Stretch therapy is proven to increase extension following knee procedures. See the supporting Clinical Research studies here.
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Kneewell Helps Flexion Contracted Patients Regain Extension, Faster and Reduce Pain

Patients undergoing knee surgery face significant recovery time. The Kneewell device is engineered to help patients achieve greater knee extension, faster, using the principles of Static Progressive Stretch. Click below for a full overview of the Kneewell device, including sizing information, insurance billing, how to order and more.
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Kneewell is Bilateral and Adjustable to Patients of All Sizes. Patients Control Stretch Intensity Throughout Treatment

Kneewell's length is easily adjustable to fit patients of any size. Patients can increase or decrease stretch intensity using the ratchet mechanism. Using the quick release feature, treatment can be ended quickly and easily. Our quick start video guide and user manual make it easy for patients to get started with their device.
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Kneewell is FDA Registered, and May Be Third Party Reimbursable, assigned HCPCS E1811

As a surgeon, physical therapist or clinician, Kneewell can be used to augment in-person physical therapy sessions, to drive better patient outcomes. Three point Static Progressive Stretch is a research backed method to help knee surgery patients regain extension, reduce pain and reduce recovery time.
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Static Progressive Stretch is Supported By Clinical Research Studies

Kneewell helps patients perform three point Static Progressive Stretch (SPS) therapy at home, to increase range of motion in knee surgery patients dealing with post-op flexion contracture. Read several studies on SPS, as published in the National Institute of Health archives.
Clinical Research
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The Kneewell device is distributed by the Kneewell Provider Network of surgeons, physical therapists and clinicians.

To join the Kneewell Provider Network, access pricing information and place an order, call us today at 651-796-2555.

For additional provider information, including third party billing info, accepted payment methods and to learn how Kneewell can aid your patients knee surgery recovery, click below.
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