Kneewell Overview


Kneeweell HCPCS 1811 device diagram
dot icon Kneewell is a patented, FDA registered device engineered to help knee surgery patients recover faster, with less pain and greater knee extension.
dot icon The device is bilateral (same device for left or right leg use) and adjustable to patients of any size. Stretch intensity is controlled throughout treatment using the ratchet mechanism. Treatment is quickly and easily stopped with the quick release feature.
dot icon Designed for home use, Kneewell is for easy for patients to learn and use, to augment in-person Physical Therapy sessions with three point Static Progressive Stretch therapy.
Clinical Studies


dot icon Patients recovering from Total Knee Replacement (Total Knee Arthroplasty) surgery.
dot icon Patients recovering from knee ligament surgery (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL).
dot icon Patients recovering from other knee surgery procedures, who have or are at risk of knee contracture or discomfort when extending.
dot icon Pre-surgery, for Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee OA) patients with knee contracture or discomfort when extending.


dot icon You can learn to Kneewell! See our Quick Start video and guide to learn how to get started. For detailed information, see our Full User Manual.
User Guides
dot icon Check out the photo gallery for an up close look at the Kneewell device.
Photo Gallery


Kneeweell provider network diagram
dot icon The Kneewell device is distributed by the Kneewell Provider Network of surgeons, physical therapists and clinicians.
dot icon If your provider hasn't worked with Kneewell before, we make it easy for them to get started. You can send them some initial information at the 'How To Order' page below.
How To Order


HCPCS 1811 Insurance coverage image
dot icon Kneewell Model 308 has been assigned HCPCS Code E1811 (Static Progressive Stretch Knee Device) for insurance billing purposes.
dot icon Contact your insurance carrier directly, or talk to your doctor or physical therapist, to determine coverage for your individual case.


Specification Measurement
Sizing Adjustable, one size fits all
Length (Adjustable Range) 32 - 40 inches
Width 10 inches
Depth 1 inch
Weight 2.875 lbs