Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Kneewell and how three point Static Progressive Stretch improves knee contracture recovery? Please reach out today via phone 651-796-2555 or email us at

kneewell iconWhat is the Kneewell device?

kneewell iconWhat type of knee injuries does Kneewell help with?

kneewell iconDoes the same device treat the left or right leg?

kneewell iconCan I use Kneewell along with in-person physical therapy?

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kneewell iconIs Kneewell covered by insurance?

kneewell iconCan I use an HSA or FSA account to pay for Kneewell?

kneewell iconHow do I set up my Kneewell device?

kneewell iconHow long should I wear my Kneewell for?

kneewell iconWho can I contact for help with my Kneewell device?